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Old House in Aguas Santas Maia, Portugal

Size: 7.5x 10.5 inches

This original watercolour was inspired by a photo of a narrow street with old houses in Maia, Portugal. Part of my Wanderlust Watercolour collection, I want to take my patrons on journeys to different corners of the world, to places with different cultures and images.

I adore vacationing in Southern Europe, in particular, exploring the various towns and cities with their different customs and traditions. I love to spend my afternoons strolling through the warm streets aimlessly, seeing the drama unfold through the way light hits the buildings and shadows are cast.

I hope you’re transported to the small streets of Europe as you look at this piece. As I put pen to paper and added washes of colour, I thought of the drama created by light and shadow through these sorts of streets are are left only for the explorers to find.

Dimensions7.5 × 10.5 in



Watercolour and pen on paper


Wanderlust Watercolour

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