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  • Awards & Artistic Opportunities: Navigating Life’s Distractions With Your Network
    In the whirlwind of life’s many demands, from organizing a wedding in under 3 months to purchasing my first home, my personal life has been the center of my attention lately. Amidst these significant life changes, I’ve had to make tough decisions about how I allocate my time between my … Read more
  • Setting Up My Art Festival Booth: Then & Now
    During art festival season, fellow artists often ask me about my booth setup journey. How did I get started? What gear did I pick? How do I hang my artwork? Let’s dive into my booth evolution, from a rushed start to a well-oiled setup. Getting Started: The Unexpected Adventure Back … Read more
  • A rollercoaster first year as a full-time working artist
    12 months ago I started selling my artwork to the public. I released my very first collection on my home-made website. As I did this, I was nervous about putting myself out there and how I’d be perceived. What if no one wants my work? What if I don’t sell … Read more
  • An Interview with Art of the Bay: Sessions
    As a working artist, I get energy from sharing my experiences, journey and what I’ve learned so far with wider audiences – doing so in conversation with someone else makes it that much more enjoyable! Tune into my interview with Nando at Art of the Bay: Sessions. We talk about … Read more
  • Unveiling the Muse: Inspirations Behind My Latest Art Collection
    As my debut solo exhibition, Lost in Color, adorns the walls of the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Art Gallery in San Ramon, CA, I am excited to take you on a journey into the heart of my creative process. In this blog post, I share the inspiration behind the collection, weaving … Read more
  • Exploring the World Around You: How to Find Inspiration for Your Art
    As an artist, finding inspiration for that next painting can be a real challenge. At times, it feels like there are no good ideas out there and you just don’t know where to start. We’ve all been there! In this blog post, I share some of my favourite ways to … Read more
  • The creative process behind my ‘Lost in Colour’ paintings
    The most common question I’m asked when sharing paintings from my ‘Lost in Colour’ collection, is how I create them and what the creative process involves. My ‘Lost in Colour’ paintings are distinct style; they characteristically feature line-drawn architectural details and expressive flowers against vivid abstract backgrounds. You can see … Read more
  • Podcast interview: Exploring my creative process, tools and tech
    One of my favourite parts of being a working artist is the conversations I have with fellow creatives, collectors and the wider public. The back-and-forth that comes with dialogue and the connections that are built, nourish and motivate me in this career. This is probably why my calendar seems filled … Read more
  • On affordable art and supporting the community
    Two things that I’m deeply passionate about are (1) offering affordable original paintings and (2) uplifting my local community . During my life as a PhD student, there were times that I’d fall in love with an artist’s work and want to purchase an original piece from them. However, that … Read more
  • 4 reasons for creatives to make time to play and experiment
    In just under 3 months, my first solo exhibition opens. With another 15 new paintings needed for this show, I’m busy in the studio, spending every spare moment on creating. With the hard deadline fast approaching, the pressure to produce gallery-ready pieces at a fast pace is piling on. As … Read more
  • In my ears: 5 podcasts for an emerging artist
    I found my love of podcasts during my years as a PhD student. Hundreds & thousands of hours were spent alone with my cells (for experiments) at my atomic force microscope in a darkened, silenced room (light and sound interfered with my measurements). The company of podcasts stopped the silence … Read more
  • My art selected and published: ‘Summer in Agra’ in ‘La Raíz’ literary magazine
    For as long as I remember, I have loved the sensory experience of opening up a freshly printed book or magazine. There’s something inexplicably wonderful about it… from the feel of the pages between your fingers, to the smell of the freshly printed press. There’s something rather special about seeing your work … Read more
  • 5 steps to effective goal setting for a successful artist career
    The turn of a calendar year is a natural transition point; it’s both a moment to retrospect on the closing year, and to look forward to the future. As 2022 turned to 2023, I applied what I had learned during my time in management consulting to my own small art … Read more
  • Indulge me as I share my thoughts – introducing my new artist blog
    Hello 2023! I don’t know about you, but I for one love to start the new year by setting my intentions. 2022 was full of changes as I set up my art business. This week, as I step into 2023, I’m reviewing and refreshing my goals for the next 1-3 … Read more
  • A rollercoaster first 6 months as a full-time professional artist
    6 months ago I started selling my artwork to the public. I released my very first collection on my home-made website. As I did this, I was apprehensive about putting myself out there and how I’d be perceived. What if no one wants my work? What if I don’t sell … Read more
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