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Pathway to the Sanctum


Size: 20 x 24 inches

In the heart of Istanbul, amidst the tapestry of history woven by empires past, Hagia Sophia stands as a timeless monument to love’s enduring allure. For me and my husband, it became a cherished rendezvous point, a place where the echoes of the city’s vibrant past whispered secrets of bygone eras. With each visit, we found ourselves enchanted by its grandeur, strolling through its hallowed halls as if stepping back in time. Hagia Sophia wasn’t just a monument; it was a silent witness to our love story, a backdrop against which our memories unfolded like delicate petals in the wind. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, its presence offered us a quiet refuge, a sanctuary of sorts where we could lose ourselves in each other’s company amidst the grandeur of history.

Created with a combination of brushwork, application with a palette knife, and acrylic paint pens, this original artwork has been finished with a satin varnish for protection. The painting comes ready-to-hang with painted canvas edges and picture wire installed. The piece is titled, signed and dated on the back.

Dimensions20 × 24 × 1.5 in


Acrylic on streched canvas


Remnants of Forgotten Histories

Exhibition History

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