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Primavera en Amarillo


My time living in Sevilla, Spain, was full of excitement and learning. I’d spend mornings in school, then the rest of the day exploring. Walking through the narrow streets of the old town, I’d be met by constant reminders of the rich history of this place.

La Giralda that I depict here, is one such reminder of Sevilla’s past. Whilst today this symbol of the city serves as the bell tower of La Cathedral de Sevilla, it started out as the minaret for the Great Mosque de Sevilla in al-Andalus, Moorish Spain. Climbing to the top of this tower, I remember thinking about the centuries of people this structure has watched over, the stories and tales that have unfolded around it, and what will unfold next as the seasons continue to change.

As you look at this painting, I invite you to think about the changes that come with time, the regeneration as I combine the yellow flora with the line-drawn Giralda in Sevilla, Spain.

This giclée print was created to high standards of reproduction with materials tested by Wilhelm-Research to resist fading and discolouration in excess of 60 years. Printed on archival 100% cotton fibre paper with a weight of 290gsm and a calliper of 19 mils. Hand-signed at the bottom.
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Lost in Colour


Giclée print on 290gsm 100% cotton fibre paper

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