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Walking Towards the Light


A gentle breeze carries the scent of jasmine through the courtyards of the Palace. Sunlight filters through the arched windows, casting a warm glow on the ornately decorated chambers. Here, amidst the grandeur, I can almost picture scenes of everyday life – a princess lost in a book, a conversation between friends, the quiet hum of domesticity within the royal walls. The intricate patterns adorning the ceilings seem to hold stories untold, whispers of laughter and tears that echo through the centuries. As I explore these intimate spaces, I feel a connection to the lives that once thrived within the palace walls, a reminder that history is not just about grand events but also the personal stories woven into the fabric of time.

This giclée print was created to high standards of reproduction with materials tested by Wilhelm-Research to resist fading and discolouration in excess of 60 years. Printed on archival acid & lignan-free paper with a weight of 320gsm and a calliper. Hand-signed at the bottom.



Remnants of Forgotten Histories


Giclée print on 290gsm 100% cotton fibre paper

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