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Podcast interview: Exploring my creative process, tools and tech

British Indian artist Malti B Lee working on a painting of Fontainebleau Castle. My creative process, tools and tech - a podcast interview with an artist

One of my favourite parts of being a working artist is the conversations I have with fellow creatives, collectors and the wider public. The back-and-forth that comes with dialogue and the connections that are built, nourish and motivate me in this career. This is probably why my calendar seems filled with attending gallery receptions, creative events and art festivals, with or without my own paintings!

You never know who you’re going to meet at such events. At an art festival last year, I shared some of the stories behind my own paintings, as well as my journey, with Ashay Javadekar. Little known to me at the time, he was in the process of setting up a new podcast geared towards creative people. A few months later, Ashay reached out again and invited me to be the first guest on his new podcast ‘Creative Tools’. I was super excited by the prospect and naturally said yes!

You may already know that I’m an avid podcast listener. (I shared my go-to podcasts in a recent blog post if you’re curious to know my favourites.) So, I’m thrilled to now be part of that ecosystem with this interview!

Creative Tools, a podcast on tools and tech that creators use

Creative Tools is a new podcast from Ashay Javadekar. In each episode, Ashay dives into the creative processes, and the tools and technology that his interviewee uses. Season 1 features interviews with 22 diverse art-minded guests, from painters to theatre directors, classical dancers to culinary artists. There’s something to satisfy everyone’s interests and curiosities!

Creative Tools Episode 1, in conversation with painter Malti B Lee

I invite you to listen in as I discuss my creative process and the tools and technology I use along the way

In this episode we discuss
  • My art practice overall
  • Finding, recording and retrieving inspiration for my paintings
  • Putting ideas onto the canvas
  • What happens after the paint has dried – photography, release, marketing
  • My vision for my art career and paintings

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode and you get glimpse into my world as an artist as I share my stories, knowledge and learnings.

Want to know more? Leave me a comment, get in touch, or find more behind the scenes on Instagram.

P.S., I also recommend the Episode 15 with Moonji Pickering, a good friend and fellow artist who creates incredible art with coloured pencils.

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