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Beauty and the Beast


St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle, is just an incredible looking cathedral. The first time I saw this gothic masterpiece, I was still very young. I remember the skies being dark and moody, the air feeling cool. As I walked through the Prague Castle complex and up to this imposing building, I felt transported into Beauty and the Beast.

Though older me thinks back to this memory and chuckles, as I created this painting, I added dancing flowers and light, the Beauty, to contrast the imposing gothic structure, the Beast.

This giclée print was created to high standards of reproduction with materials tested by Wilhelm-Research to resist fading and discolouration in excess of 60 years. Printed on archival 100% cotton fibre paper with a weight of 290gsm and a calliper of 19 mils. Hand-signed at the bottom.
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Lost in Colour


Giclée print on 290gsm 100% cotton fibre paper

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