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Dreams of London

Size: 36 x 24 inches

One of my favourite things about London is how beautiful the city is as your stroll through, aimlessly, with nowhere in particular to go. Growing up, studying and working in the city, I would enjoy the moments that I looked up and noticed the details, be that the eclectic mix of buildings and architecture, or the wonderful trees lining the streets.

Magnolia trees specifically remind me of my family home in London. These trees line the streets of my childhood and every spring, they would come to life in full bloom. This piece is a nod to my life in London as I reminisce of the serene days in the city as spring beckoned.

As you look at this painting, I hope you find moments of serenity as I combine the natural – in magnolia – with the urban – St Paul’s Cathedral, an iconic historical cathedral in the heart of London.

Created with a combination of brushwork and applying paints with a palette knife, this original artwork has been finished with a satin varnish for protection.

Dimensions36 × 24 × 0.8 in



Acrylic on stretched canvas


Lost in Colour

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