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Echoes Of Ruby Lights


Dusk descends, casting shadows across ornately decorated walls, where traces of gold paint shimmer like faded dreams. The air carries a faint, jasmine and musk, a scent favored by the Mughal empress. Were these the scents that mingled with laughter on joyous occasions? Or perhaps a melancholy echo of a lost love story? The silence speaks volumes, prompting me to imagine the vibrant life that once sparkled in these halls, a life now preserved only in the echoes of these walls.

This giclée print was created to high standards of reproduction with materials tested by Wilhelm-Research to resist fading and discolouration in excess of 60 years. Printed on textured archival acid and lignin-free paper with a weight of 320gsm. Hand-signed at the bottom.



Remnants of Forgotten Histories


Giclée print on 290gsm 100% cotton fibre paper

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