Memories of the Alhambra


Size: 14 x 11 inches print

During my time living in Sevilla, Spain, I would spend weekends exploring Andalucia’s rich history. One such weekend, I crossed the threshold to the Alhambra and knew I was somewhere special, somewhere filled with stories, somewhere that still held the memories of peoples and cultures past.

This piece is a nod to my time living in Sevilla and the memories I made travelling the region.

As you look at this artwork, I hope you find moments of joy and wonder as I combine the natural – in the blue and yellow pansies – with the urban – an archway in the Alhambra in the beating heart of Granada, Spain.

This giclée print was created to high standards of reproduction with materials tested by Wilhelm-Research to resist fading and discolouration in excess of 60 years. Printed on archival 100% cotton fibre paper with a weight of 290gsm and a calliper of 19 mils.

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Dimensions14 × 11 in



Giclée print in 290gsm 100% cotton fibre paper


Lost in Colour

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