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Celebrating Diwali: My Exclusive Crest Design for the San Jose Sharks

Have you heard? The San Jose Sharks are hosting a Celebration of Diwali and I designed the crest and shoulder patches!!

Earlier this year, a unique opportunity to submit a proposal to the San Jose Sharks, my local NHL team. I’d been to the SAP Center for games (where I learned the rules of Ice Hockey – the sport isn’t big in the UK!) and was delighted to learn about their plan to celebrate Diwali, embracing the cultural diversity of the Bay Area. As a British Indian artist, I was eager to contribute and submitted my proposal. Months later, amidst the whirlwind of planning my wedding, I received the incredible news – I was selected by the SJ Sharks to design a crest and shoulder patches celebrating Diwali.

My Design

San Jose Sharks Diwali Crest by Malti B Lee

San Jose Sharks Diwali Shoulder Patches by Malti B Lee

My designs are a blend of symbols representing celebrations in South Asian cultures and Diwali:

  • The Shark adorned with a Mehndi (henna) pattern pays homage to the ancient tradition, symbolizing joyous gatherings and special occasions.
  • Marigold garlands in the background symbolize brightness and positive energy, reflecting their significance in celebrations.
  • The mandala, a spiritual symbol prevalent in South Asian traditions, forms the backdrop of the crest.
  • Vibrant colors, reminiscent of traditional clothing and symbolic meanings from the Indian subcontinent, were carefully chosen.
  • Hockey sticks serve as a nod to both ice hockey and field hockey, the latter being India’s national sport.

The Design Process

I began with rough sketches on paper, exploring various symbols and shapes. Transitioning to digital sketches on my iPad, I delved into color options and collaborated closely with the SJ Sharks team. The final designs were perfected using Adobe Illustrator, marking my learning journey and dedication to the project.

The SJ Sharks team and I are ecstatic about the final results and eagerly anticipate seeing them on shirts and in the stadium on Thursday, November 9th.

Celebration on November 9, 2023

Join the San Jose Sharks in celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, on Thursday, November 9th at SAP Center in San Jose. The event will coincide with the Sharks’ game against the Edmonton Oilers at 7:30p.m.

Tickets for the Sharks’ Celebration of Diwali can be purchased here.

Festivities at the event will include vibrant dance performances by Gurus of Dance, a Milpitas-based Bollywood dance, drama, and entertainment company. Fans can enjoy free henna tattoo art, and the night will be filled with music curated by in-arena DJ, DJ Heer. Indulge in themed food and drink options, featuring an array of delectable Indian Street Food, available for purchase throughout SAP Center.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Local Color, the San Jose-based non-profit connecting artists to organizations, for this wonderful opportunity. It’s been an absolute pleasure contributing to my local community through this partnership with San Jose Sharks and I eagerly anticipate the doors this collaboration will open in the future…

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