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In Conversation With Happy & Human Podcast

As a full-time British Indian artist who holds a PhD in Biophysics and worked at Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant for a number years – it’s safe to say that I’ve pivoted careers a *few* times. As such, I love sharing my experiences, journey and what I’ve learned so far with wider audiences – doing so in conversation with others makes it that much more enjoyable!

Tune into my conversation with Seema Desai & Dinesh Melwani on Happy & Human. We talk about creativity in all roles, ways we express our creativity, as well as the importance of talking risks. Too often we’re afraid of trying something new because we don’t have past proof that it works… but what if you didn’t need that? What if you weren’t afraid of failing?

Dive into the journey & mindset in this insightful and energising conversation!

Listen to the episode

You can watch the video version on Youtube below, or find the interview on all major podcast streaming platforms (find the links here).

About the podcast

Happy & Human. The podcast for over-educated South Asian professionals"

Happy & Human is the podcast for over-educated, busy, and ambitious South Asian professionals and entrepreneurs. In each episode, Seema and Dinesh will dive into the philosophies, strategies, and tools that can help you live happier, healthier, productive, and fulfilled lives with more success.

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