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The 100 Day Project: Why I’m Joining & What I’m Doing

Image of a Pantone postcard with a black line-drawing of some windows. Text "Why & What The 100 Day Project"


Hey creative friends! 🎨 This week marks the kickoff of something pretty exciting – my first-ever 100 Day Project. In this blog post, I’m sharing my thinking on why I’m diving into this challenge, the plan, and my expectations for the next 100 days.


I didn’t start this 100 Day Project on a random whim. I’ve been mulling over habits a lot lately (I shared the details with my Art Mailing Club buddies this month), and have been itching to break free from the whole “I must create perfect, finished paintings” feeling. I came across The 100 Day Project last year, but the timing wasn’t quite right for me. This year, though? It felt like I was ready and I’ve committed to daily creative play. I’m hoping to sharpen my drawing skills, inject more playfulness into my art, and build a little more discipline and resilience to my creative routine.

Project Choice

Picking the right project was key for me. I needed something well-defined with low barriers (and portable – because hello, UK trip!). So, for the next 100 days, I’m diving into line-drawing. Each day, I’m grabbing a different Pantone Postcard, sketching a window, a door, or an archway in pen. Every postcard becomes a portal to somewhere new. Realistic, achievable, and totally tote-able. I can’t wait to see how my drawings evolve over this adventure.

Daily Routine

Back to those habits! To weave this creative project into my daily life, I’ve penciled in a specific time each day for my postcard doodle. As the evening chill sets in, I’m grabbing my pen and letting loose.

Challenges Faced

I’m expecting a few bumps on this journey. Creative blocks, time squeezes and low motivation are inevitable. Solution? I’m crowd-sourcing inspiration! Send me your fave windows, doors, or archways at [email protected] or shoot me a message on my socials. Let’s make this a collaborative project and help keep me accountable!

Progress and Growth

The plan? Document my artist evolution over the next 100 days. From improving those technical skills to embracing more spontaneity, I’m ready for the ride. And yes, you’re coming along!

Sharing the Journey

They say sharing is caring. During the 100 Day Project, I’ll be sharing daily-ish updates on my Instagram stories and a a regular round-up of recently postcard doodles on the blog. Follow the journey, share your thoughts, and keep each other accountable.

Advice for Others

Thinking about the 100 Day Project? My advice: just go for it if the itch is there. It’s not about the endgame or “finishing” it. It’s about the journey and the growth along the way.

Wrap up

As I kick off this 100 Day Project, I’m buzzing with excitement, a sprinkle of nerves, and a whole lot of anticipation. Join me in celebrating creativity, embracing imperfections, and tapping into that untapped potential. Let the 100 days of artistic exploration commence!

Stick around for the updates, and let’s journey across through these portals together!

Malti 🌟

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