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“I paint expressive flowers against abstract backgrounds, punctuated with architectural detail from across cities and cultures. My works are studies of the fusion between natural and urban environments, told through a carefully balanced construction of colour, texture and form. Having lived exclusively in the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities, pockets of vibrant flowers against the urban landscape have always brought me moments of joy, calmness and reflection. I paint to share these experiences with my audience.

My works explore these ideas through floral and historical architectural motifs, individually and blended together. I leverage my experiences across the US, Europe and Asia to create a narrative for each piece before putting brush to canvas. Then, I create expressive and rhythmic abstract backgrounds that capture the energy and emotion of the city, layering in elements of nature to tell my story. I create a moment for my audience to pause and notice the beauty in the world around them.” – Malti

Contemporary artist Malti B Lee at a recent fine arts festival in the San Francisco Bay Area


Malti B Lee is a contemporary British Indian artist from London, England. Now based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, California, she specialises in acrylic painting, though experiments with a variety of mediums to continue evolving her style. Drawing inspiration from her experiences living and working across continents, Malti combines elements from both natural and urban landscapes with a recent focus on floral motifs. She has had a long-standing passion for the fine arts and is self-taught.

With a degree in Physics from the University of Cambridge and a PhD from University College London, Malti has always sought to understand the wonder of the complex world around her. She has pushed the limits of this through both her academic and creative pursuits. Following her academic career, Malti moved into management consulting for several years advising companies across America, Europe and the Middle East before moving to pursue a full-time career in the arts. 

Malti is an avid traveller, speaks Spanish, and is now learning Korean. She enjoys fishing, hiking, playing the piano, cooking, reading and dancing salsa and bachata in her spare time.


Today, Malti’s works are enjoyed internationally across private collections in the United Kingdom, France, Korea and the United States.

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