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Inspirations behind my new collection of paintings

Cropped section of original painting by Malti B Lee of Akbar's Tomb in Agra, India with evening primrose and other painted flowers. Text below reads: The Inspirations behind my newest paintings by Malti B Lee"

You’ll know I love to travel and my paintings are a visual journey, documenting my experiences working, living, and traveling across the world. In this newest collection, Remnants of Forgotten Histories, I lean into intricately decorated interiors as I travel across Europe & Asia, immersing myself rich and diverse histories.

The story behind Remnants of Forgotten Histories

I’d like to share a little story with you.

When I lived in Sevilla, Spain, I’d spend my weekends traveling across Andalucía, soaking in the sights and learning about the region’s rich history. What struck me most was the unmistakable influence of Islamic art and architecture on the cathedrals and monuments across the region. From the delicate stucco walls to the graceful arches, these features bore the imprint of the Moors who once ruled this land- a part of history I had yet to discover.

Reflecting on these experiences more recently, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to India, where Islamic architecture has similarly left an enduring mark on the landscape. The intricate patterns and detailed carvings adorning monuments spoke volumes of the shared cultural heritage.

Inspired by these connections, I set out on a creative journey to showcase these architectural marvels through a curated collection of paintings. From the palaces of Rajasthan that housed numerous dynasties & empires, to the tombs built by the Mughals across India, to grand mosques turned cathedrals in Southern Spain, each structure narrates a tale of skilled craftsmanship and profound cultural exchange that transcends time.

The Collection

Click through each painting to see the details and learn more about the individual story behind each piece in this collection.

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A little Celebration

I’m so excited to share my newest paintings with you. While this collection is still very much a work in progress, I want to mark this milestone. To celebrate the release of my new paintings, I’m giving patrons of my Art Mailing Club the choice of which mini print they’d like to receive with their letters this April 2024. Which will you pick?  

Where to next?

This is a live collection that I’m still working on today and I’d love for you to share where you think I should head to next.

I’ll be sharing new additions to the collection soon (expect new 10x10s becoming available in May) – make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter to get first look and come see the paintings in person at upcoming events!

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